Taekwon-Do Jungshin - Euless



Basics Training

TaeKwon-Do basics are the fundamental movements and techniques practiced in every class. This regimental and repetitive training develops "muscle memory" and provides the student with the rudimentary tools and skills to perform patterns and advanced training including all methods of sparring. Each technique has specific purpose(s) and is the foundation of all that is TaeKwon-Do and martial arts.

Pattern Training

TaeKwon-Do patterns are designed sets of related movements that, in many aspects, resemble an intricately choreographed dance. In addition, these offensive and defensive techniques are set in rhythms of both fast and slow movements. Patterns enable the student to practice fundamental, advanced and applied movements systematically. Each pattern permits the student to practice against several imaginary opponents under various circumstances, using many different blocking and attacking tools. It helps the student develop flexibility of movement and shifting; muscle and breath control; fluidity and smoothness of form; rhythmic control; valuable self-defense skills, sparring applications; all of which are a part of the characteristic beauty of TaeKwon-Do. Each rank has one or more patterns the student must learn and eventually master.

There are two types of patterns employed in the student's training at TaeKwon-Do Jungshin:

Traditional Patterns: These are the formal patterns developed by General Choi, Hong Hi, the founder of TaeKwon-Do.
Jungshin Patterns: These are a series of applied technique patterns designed by Grandmaster Mark McCarthy, founder of TaeKwon-Do Jungshin, to help the student develop the necessary transition from fundamental to applied movement. These patterns apply the concepts of formal stance, movement and technique in an environment closely resembling traditional patterns, yet further enhance the student's awareness of direct application in sparring and self-defense.

Breaking: This is the most misunderstood training tool of the school. Properly applied, it is used to develop focus, both mental and physical. It teaches concentration, perseverance and indomitable spirit. It is in the endeavor and effort, not just the successful break, that always benefits the student. Safety is of paramount importance, and to that end, breaking is done only under the direct supervision of the instructor.

In addition, all techniques must be pre-approved by the instructor.

Breaking with the head is strictly prohibited.

To register for classes you may contact the City of Euless Parks & Community Services at the Midway Recreation Center, 300 W. Midway Road, Euless, Texas, 76039, by phone at (817) 685-1666 or, online through their website at
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