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Biographies of our main instructors.

Camille Dockter
Head Instructor
4th Degree

Ms. Dockter has been a part of TaeKwon-Do Jungshin in one form or another since 1996. She became a student of TaeKwon-Do after her daughter, Kira Dehnel, had been training for two years. She has attained the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt joining her daughter, as Master McCarthy’s 2 highest ranking current students. Camille was named head instructor of the Euless Charter in July 2004. Under her direction the school has maintained consistent enrollment with many students continuing on to first degree black belt and beyond.

Outside the school Ms Dockter is a family law paralegal. She has also been designated by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a Board Certified Paralegal in Family Law, an accomplishment she attributes to the confidence she has gained in herself from TaeKwon-Do training.

Camille’sand her daughter, Kira Dehnel are responsible for the training of all Tae-Kwon Do Jungshin® students.


Kira Dehnel
Master Instructor
4th Degree

Few know better than Kira, the benefits to be gained from a childhood TaeKwon-Do experience. A shy and timid child, she began her training at the age of eight. Kira is no longer that shy little girl, for with each belt-level graduation she discovered new-found confidence. As her physical abilities grew so to did her self-esteem. She is now a very well-rounded, outgoing and mature young adult; able to tackle any challenge presented, without reservation. More importantly, she excelled in her academic studies and consistently maintained a ranking in the top fifth percentile of her class. Throughout her high school years she remained active in Class Council, Choir, Peer Mediation, Asian Club, Students in Prayer, as well as her church’s youth group. Kira graduated college in 3 years and is currently teaching mathematics in an at-risk high school in the Dallas, Texas area. An experienced instructor and long-time TaeKwon-Do Jungshin® student, at the age of 24 she currently holds the rank of 4th Degree, Master Instructor, Black Belt.

Assistant Instructors

Monte Cales         David Fredman               William Stringer
Instructor            Assistant Instructor       Assistant Instructor
4th Degree          3rd Degree                      2nd Degree
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